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Description: The Coronavirus story is lingering on. One industry that seems to be suffering is tourism, with travel agents and tourism operators bracing for a decline in activity lingering into 2021. An executive at the Hilton hotel chain estimates the company will be affected somewhere between $25 and $50 million.

Date:  February 16, 2020




Discussion points:

1) Would the coronavirus influence your travel plans? Do you know anyone who has changed travel plans because of it?

2) If you were an accountant employed by a hotel chain like Hilton, how would you develop an estimate for lost revenue from a situation like this?

3) Wiley’s Managerial Accounting : Tools for Business Decision-Making tells us on page 16 that the Hilton hotel chain uses a certain managerial accounting device to evaluate employee performance. What is this tool? What are its components?

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