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Description: Several weeks after a cyber-attack, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reports that it is “working diligently to restore access to all services as quickly as possible.” Taxpayers have found some of the familiar online services are still not being offered. The CRA says that the fact that some of its employees have been working from home has not impacted this delayed recovery of service.

Date:  September 24, 2020




Discussion points:

1) Have you attempted to access your CRA account online recently? What problems did you encounter, if any?

2) Have you or any of your classmates encountered a data breach with any of your personal data on any of your online services or accounts?

3) On page 1-26 of Wiley’s Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making, we learn about the elements of an annual report, including Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A). Do you think that the MDA should be obligated to discuss security breaches that took place during the year? Why or why not?

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