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Description: A last minute deal has averted a strike at discount grocer No Frills. Union President Lana Payne said the new “agreement delivers pattern wages and many other improvements for our members.” An immediate raise of $1.50 an hour appears to be one of the gains. The union had noted that it has been a very profitable time for the grocery chain and that some of this profit needed to be shared with the labour force that helped earn it.

Date:  November 19, 2023



Discussion points:

1) Do you and your classmates rely on discount grocers like No Frills?

2) Do you think that ongoing labour activity by groups like these No Frills employees, the Hollywood writers, the automaker unions, and the Starbucks red cup day walkouts seem to indicate a strengthening of labour’s power in the economy?

3) Page 5-1 of Wiley’s Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making introduces us to Loblaw Companies Limited and a number of its “food banners,” such as No Frills. What strategic advantage could the company be seeking in marketing its retail operations under more than one banner?

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