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Description: So you sit down to watch a game of hockey, let’s say, or maybe some basketball, hoping for a few minutes relaxation. Did you realize, however, that you may be spending up to 21% of your viewing time staring at betting advertisements? Researchers from the CBC television program Marketplace teamed up with the University of Bristol to follow gambling ads in five NHL hockey games and 2 NBA broadcasts in October 2023. Their results indicate that, on average, there is a gambling ad of some sort every 2.8 minutes.

Date:  January 19, 2024; updated January 22, 2024



Discussion points:

1) Do you or any of your classmates complain about the volume of betting ads during your favourite sports events?

2) In terms of a strategic move, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the industry using this high concentration of coverage during sporting events?

3) Page 3-4 of Wiley’s Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making talks about the concept of “perceived value” of an National Hockey League (NHL) franchise. How might the increase in sports betting influence the value of an NHL franchise?

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