5 Canadian consumer trends to shape the future of retail

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Canadians consumers are increasingly looking for healthy and locally made products, according to a new study from the Business Development Bank of Canada that identifies five trends shaping consumer behaviour. A BDC study just released looks at the increasing importance of the internet in decision-making, with half of consumers conducting an online search prior to… Read more »

What’s trending today in Accounting & Finance?

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These are dynamic days for the profession and opportunities abound. Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about best bets for jobs About six years ago Cathy Logue, an accountant by trade, and her two business partners launched Ambit Search in Toronto. The boutique executive recruiting firm is focused exclusively on filling finance and accounting… Read more »

BlackBerry takeover offer buys company time

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Fairfax Financial-led consortium offering $9 US for each BlackBerry share Fairfax Financial chairman and CEO Prem Watsa speaks at the company’s annual general meeting in Toronto in April 2013. A takeover is necessary to give battered BlackBerry the time it needs to get itself back in order, company watchers say. On Monday, BlackBerry said a consortium… Read more »

China Offers Opportunities and Challenges for Canadian Companies

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International Business Opportunities in China: A new survey by the Asia Pacific Foundation (APF) of Canada highlights the opportunities and challenges Canadian companies face while doing business in China.   APF Canada, a Vancouver-based non-profit think tank on Canada-Asia relations, launched the survey examining how Canadian companies perform in the world’s most populous country as… Read more »

Canada ranked among top 5 best places to start business

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Ernst & Young report says climate for entrepreneurs improving Fostering Entrepreneurship:  Click to  Listen to the audio Click to view the  CBC Video on the Canadian Business Entrepreneurship Barometer Canadian Business Climate: Canada’s climate for entrepreneurs is improving, with management consulting firm Ernst & Young ranking Canada among the top five places in the world… Read more »

Richest CEOs earn 189 times average Canadian

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The highest paid CEOs have gained more ground in Canada, and are now making nearly 200 times the average Canadian wage, according to a new report.   The 100 highest paid chief executives whose companies are listed on the TSX composite index made an average of $8.38 million in 2010, according to figures pulled from… Read more »

Why do Canadians pay more? It’s complicated

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Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney gave many reasons why Canadian retail prices are often higher than American prices, but he thinks some relief may be on the way, thanks to the expansion of new American retailers into Canada. Carney was testifying Wednesday night before a Senate committee studying the difference between the cost of… Read more »

Highlights from the 2013 federal budget

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Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tabled his 2013 budget Thursday. Here is a look at some of the highlights: Click to view Video :  Federal Budget  Federal Finance Minister Mr. Jim Flaherty         Highlights $900 million in new spending, no new taxes or tax cuts $400 million in revenue from closed tax… Read more »

Canada says good-bye to penny

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Good-Bye Penny! Effective February 4, 2013, the Canadian government will not distribute any more pennies and that may mean you may lose or earn a few pennies when making purchases in cash. Cost Benefit Analysis As part of the its Economic Action Plan 2012, the government announced that the Royal Canadian Mint will cease distribution… Read more »

Managing the message: Canada’s new anti-spam law sets a high bar

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Managing the message: Canada’s new anti-spam law sets a high bar New laws target electronic communications Canada’s Anti-Spam Law  (CASL), expected to come into force in 2013, will be one of the toughest of its kind in the world. Texts, tweets, Facebook posts and emails will all fall under its purview. In fact, CASL and… Read more »