What do I need to know about job churn?

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Description: What do you really need to know about¬† job churn? This concept of job churn sounds a bit unpleasant – and indeed it is. Young Canadians are facing increased job insecurity, with jobs offering any sense of permanency fading from the scene. Part time work and jobs with no benefits are a new normal…. Read more »

Food prices dropping?

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Description: You might think lower food prices would be good news. But Sylvain Charlebois, Dean of Dalhousie Univeristy’s Faculty of Management says that we might want to hold off on the celebration. Agricultural commodity prices have dropped to about half of what they were in 2012, creating challenges for producers, retailers and processors. Date: October… Read more »

Household debt rising in Canada

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Description: One downside of the long period of low interest rates is that consumers have been piling on the household debt. With income growth in trouble, debt is growing faster than household income. Canadians now owe almost $1.70 per every $1 coming in. The Bank of Canada is concerned about the impact of these debt… Read more »

Going negative

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Description: Try this one on for size: you pay the bank for the privilege of holding your money. Sounds pretty strange doesn’t it? But with stagnant economic growth, central banks in several jurisdictions are crossing the boundary between low interest rates and negative rates – effectively charging¬† banks to place their funds with the central… Read more »

Shadow Flipping

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Description: You may be familiar with the stories of sky-high prices on real estate in Vancouver. One of the forces behind the rise is a practice known as shadow-flipping. In a shadow-flip, an agent earns multiple commissions on the same property by arranging resales of the property before the closing date. As well, those in… Read more »

Tax rates: Who’s highest?

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Description: This week the New Brunswick government released its budget for the coming fiscal year. And one budget item got first page attention on the front page of Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail. The Globe featured an article noting how New Brunswick’s budget promises a tax cut for the wealthiest citizens in order… Read more »

Debt loads troublesome

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Description: The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) is concerned. But this time it’s not about government forecasts. Rather, this week the PBO warned that Canadians debt to income level has reached a point not seen in over 25 years. House prices and other pressures are expected to raise those debt to income levels to close to… Read more »

Big year for auto sales

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Description: Both Canada and the United States saw record auto sales in 2015. A number of factors appear to have contributed to the big year, including low petroleum prices and low interest rates. Pent-up demand is another likely influence, a factor which may continue to play a role as Canadians are driving a record 10… Read more »

In debt at home

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Description: Almost 40% of Canadians owning homes have found themselves in some sort of cash flow crisis in the preceding year according to a recent Globe and Mail report. Increasing house prices might explain why Canadians are reaching out to relatives or loading up the credit card to get through a tough spot in paying… Read more »

Drilling off Nova Scotia

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Description: Shell has been given permission to begin test drilling offshore of Nova Scotia. Shell told the regulator that it would be able to have capping technology available in event of a blowout in 12 to 13 days, versus its previous statement that it would take 21 days to bring the technology to a well…. Read more »