MUN at Fogo Raises Eyebrows

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Description: Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador (MUN), is drawing some heat for spending close to $60,000 of its funds on a conference at the luxury hotel on Fogo Island. MUN defends the move, noting that it booked the rooms at $350 a night, versus the $2,875 cheapest listed rate the hotel normally offers. MUN’s… Read more »

Food Inflation

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Description: We’ve heard some good news and some bad news on inflation in Canada in recent days. While the Bank of Canada’s strategy of raising interest rates to help check inflation appears to be working overall, food inflation continues to soar with an annual increase measured at 11 percent in December. The price on every… Read more »

The Trains Too!

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Description: After all the horror stories about airline travel delays and cancellations over the holidays, maybe it’s a bit too much to stop and realize the trains had similar issues. Via Canada’s CEO, Martin R. Landry, released a statement of apology this week for leaving passengers in Quebec and Ontario in the lurch in the… Read more »

Shape Up Your Finances in 2023

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Description: With a new year underway, here is an opportunity to take steps to improve your personal finances. Sandra Fry of the Credit Counseling Society offers six tips to help guide your financial behaviours, starting with the need to understand where you are spending your money right now. In other words, where does your money… Read more »

Keeping Those Resolutions

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Description: Well, how are you doing with those New Year’s resolutions you made a few days ago at the start of 2023? In the featured New Yorker article, originally published in 2013, we read of the somewhat depressing work of John Norcross, a psychologist who found that within six months only 40% had stuck with… Read more »

Cassettes Anyone?

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Description: It may seem a bit strange, but cassettes are now showing up again in music stores. With artists such as Taylor Swift and The Weekend including this retro-form as a medium of distribution for their new offerings, there’s definitely some shelf space opening up for a format once thought to be obsolete. Part of… Read more »

Suncor Keeping Petro-Canada

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Description: After shopping around for potential buyers, Suncor has decided to keep, rather than sell, fuel retailer Petro-Canada. Suncor had been seeking a cash purchase price in the range of $3.8 billion to $5.7 billion. Though Petro-Canada has the largest market share in its class in Canada, no buyer was interested in paying the price…. Read more »

Financial Literacy

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Description: How financial literate do you feel you are? November was financial literacy month in Canada and some high schools in Canada are adding this important life-skill area to the curriculum. With the economic pressures facing Canadians, and the clear correlation between financial health and mental health, some observers are calling for mandatory financial literacy… Read more »

Questionable Conduct at Laurentian

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Description: In a special report on the Laurentian University financial crisis, Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk showed that senior management at the school erred by declining government assistance and heading straight to bankruptcy. Lysyk found that the Laurentian senior management and board of governors relied on external advisors in opting for the bankruptcy route, rather… Read more »