A Big Covid Relief Fraud

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Description: A Florida man has been sentenced to over 7 years in prison for a $2.6 million fraud on 3 different U.S. federal Covid-19 relief programs. Daniel Joseph Tisone provided false information to support a variety of applications for loans designed to assist business in the SARS-Cov-2 crisis. While the programs were intended to support… Read more »

Google Test-Blocks Canadians

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Description: In an apparent response to the federal government’s Online News Act, Google has blocked some Canadians from their news feeds. Google has called this a test, noting the company runs thousands of tests like this in any given year. The Act will force platforms like Google and Facebook to begin compensating media publishers for… Read more »

Indigo Hit

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Description: Indigo Books and Music has a new website up and running following a recent cyberattack. But in this temporary site, Indigo says you can only “window-shop online.” You may browse, but if you find an item that interests you, you will need to go to an Indigo or Chapters store to purchase it. Indigo… Read more »

Air Canada Profit Last Quarter

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Description: Air Canada posted a profit of $168 million in the most recent quarter that ended December 31. Even with the bad weather that made for a general rough patch over the Christmas travel period, Air Canada still managed to generate positive results. Revenue was 2% higher than for the same period in 2019, indicating… Read more »

Bed Bath and Beyond Insolvent

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Description: The Canadian division of retailer Bed Bath and Beyond is seeking protection under Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act. The US parent company has been experiencing financial problems of its own, declaring it cannot provide the type of support the Canadian operation requires. The company has around 400 full-time employees in Canada with another 1,000 or… Read more »

Kill the Junk Fees

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Description: When Joe Biden took to the podium this past week for his State of the Union address, listeners could be excused for being surprised when they heard him declare war on junk fees. Biden is proposing legislation to ban those annoying fees on things like airline bookings and hotel rooms; those extra charges for… Read more »

Google Layoffs Hit Canada

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Description: Google has announced that it is laying off 12,000 workers worldwide. The impact is being felt in Canada, although the extent of job loss here was not immediately evident. Google joins other big tech companies in the layoff trend as Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta have handed out notices to employees in recent weeks. Sundar… Read more »

‘Immediately stop’

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Description: When it comes to wearing a favourite clothing brand, the phrase ‘Immediately stop’ gets your attention, doesn’t it? Health Canada has told Canadians to immediately stop wearing certain big brand name Helly Hansen hoodies and sweaters due to concerns over non-compliance with regulations regarding flammability. Roughly 130,000 garments have been subjected to this product… Read more »

Freeze Lifted

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Description: High food prices have been impacting Canadian consumers in this inflationary environment, and some are expressing their displeasure via social media in the wake of Loblaw lifting a prize freeze it had set back in the fall of 2022. Loblaw has responded through its own social media channels to defend its actions against consumers’… Read more »