Clothing our Olympians

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Description: Lululemon has won the right to be the exclusive clothing outfitter for our Canadian Olympic teams through to 2028. Bruce Winder, a Toronto based analyst, termed this move as a “game-changer” for Lululemon. The costs of the deal have not been disclosed, though Lululemon has pledged a proportion of associated sales will help fund… Read more »

Food Court Passport Patrol

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Description: With Covid-19 cases rising in several provinces in the latest phase of the pandemic, governments, such as Ontario, have responded with requiring vaccine passports for customers dining in restaurants. Policing the passport is especially tough in food courts, where food is purchased from a variety of vendors but consumed in a common area not… Read more »

Teamsters Target Amazon

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Description: The Teamsters union is targeting Amazon’s operations in Canada, with an eye towards unionizing its nine Canadian locations. The Teamsters have already signed-up 40% of the workers at Amazon’s Edmonton facility, thereby reaching the threshold to conduct a facility-wide unionization vote. While the union promises higher wages and better benefits, Amazon counters that unionization… Read more »

Lumber Price Drop

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Description: During` the first 18 months of the pandemic, demand for lumber skyrocketed, driving prices through the roof. Now prices are coming back to reality and those who delayed their projects are smiling. Two-by-fours were at $12.65 on June 1. Now you can pick one up for $3.95, essentially a pre-Covid value. Date:  September 15,… Read more »

Sustainable Investing Prompts Disclosure

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Description: Sustainable investing is a hot topic, prompting growth in so-called sustainable funds. But since there is no one established definition of what sustainability means, investors and advisors are left with questions such as how much carbon is a company emitting. This has prompted a call from investors and fund developers for more hard data… Read more »

Big Bets

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Description: The NFL is off and running for another season. And with this kickoff comes the news of just how much betting is going on out there. Legal bets on college and NFL football are likely to exceed $20 billion this year. With news like that, Draft Kings stock has been up 17% over the… Read more »

Economy Bounces Back

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Description: Statistics Canada says that the Canadian economy added 90,000 jobs in August. With an unemployment rate at 7.1%, this key economic measure is now at its lowest point since the pandemic began. The news is not all good, however, as fewer people are actually looking for employment, indicating that the Covid fears may be… Read more »

Wing Prices Take Off

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Description: With a variety of tasty toppings, chicken wings have become a favourite finger food among restaurant and pub patrons. But prices for poultry, canola oil and even chicken feed have been on the rise, meaning that chicken wings have become more expensive. Security of supply is also an issue of concern, leading a Regina… Read more »

Kraft-Heinz in a Pickle

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Description: There’s a saying that any publicity is good publicity, but i’m not so sure it applies in this case. The giant food manufacturer agreed to a $62 million settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a result of Kraft-Heinz’s failure to properly account for certain expenses in its financial statements. Kraft-Heinz has… Read more »

No Votes on Campus This Time

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Description: In the last federal election in 2019, Elections Canada expanded its Vote on Campus program. Thousands more university students voted, almost doubling the total who had voted in 2015. But this year Elections Canada will not be providing the on campus option. Covid-19 has been blamed for the change. Date:  September 2, 2021 Source: … Read more »