Apple – a service company

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Description:    People have loved the hardware for years, with consumer after consumer gobbling up iPhones and iPads. This week, however, Apple’s latest launch had a definite services focus. A new Apple credit card, a streaming service and an Apple-news subscription that will give consumers access to 300 or so magazines, including big titles like… Read more »

McDonald’s goes tech

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Description:  At $300 million, restaurant chain McDonald’s is using a major tech acquisition of Dynamic Yield Ltd to jazz up its menu experience. CEO Steve Easterbrook has been promoting technology – like the new order kiosks – as a differentiator for the fast-food giant. By using Dynamic’s technology, McDonald’s will be able to update its drive… Read more »

More money for OAGNB

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Description:    The Canadian Taxpayers Federation usually is not in the habit of praising a government for spending more money. This past week, however, the Federation did react positively to the news that the Office of the Auditor General of New Brunswick would be receiving an extra $1 million in its budget for 2019-20. This… Read more »

Taking on Airbnb

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Description:  An Alberta resident, David Jackel, has taken on Airbnb and won. Jackel had planned a Mexican holiday that included five weeks at a condo rented through Airbnb. But even though he had arranged the rental six months before his vacation, with just a scant three days to go before check-in, the online giant pulled… Read more »

Deficit still there

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Description:    This past week our federal government introduced its budget for the next fiscal year. There were some interesting initiatives, including a possible grant to first-time home-owners from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and some early steps towards a national pharmacare program. But what wasn’t there is also quite interesting: the government is… Read more »

The college entrance scam

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Description:   Did you hear the news this past week about the college entrance scam? About 50 people – including an Academy Award nominee – were arrested in the United States for their roles in gaming the admissions system at elite schools, all with the aid of William Rick Singer. Singer, in exchange for healthy sums… Read more »

Credit card myths

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Description:   Debt on your credit cards can be a common way to sink your financial plan. But university students are often targeted by those marketing credit cards. If you want to use this form of credit – and its pretty hard to avoid it in our time – you should know some common myths about… Read more »

Keep learning: Government might help

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Description:    March 19 is budget day in Canada, and, of course, there’s speculation out there on what measures the budget will include. One thing being discussed is what has been called a life-long learning account. Supposedly the account will receive a top-up from the federal government, something like the RESPs parents create for children…. Read more »

The most common household

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Description:   Did you know the most common type of household in Canada is now “solo?” Approximately four million Canadians are living alone, a huge increase from the early 1980s when the number was closer to 1.7 million. Grocers are moving to respond, with an increase in single serve offerings. Travel companies like Air Canada, Transat… Read more »

Check out line 449!

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Description:   If you live in Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba or Saskatchewan, listen up. Because these four provinces have a federal carbon tax imposed, citizens are eligible for a tax rebate. In Ontario, the amount is estimated at around $300 for a family of four. The carbon tax does not actually start until 1 April 2019,… Read more »