The High Cost of Construction

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Description: The nesting phenomenon – people renovating homes during the Covid-19 pandemic – has bumped up both lumber demand and prices. And, of course, this has driven up the cost of building a new home. The cost of thousand board feet of 2×4 has increased from $550 pre-Covid to over $1,400 this spring. Ouch! Date:… Read more »

Divestment from Carbon

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Description: Ten years ago a think-tank known as the Carbon Tracker Initiative concluded that the amount of fossil-fuel reserves held by corporations was about five times greater than the amount scientists had concluded the planet could reasonably absorb. The finding, in a sense, paved the path to the divestiture movement. In these last ten years,… Read more »

Clean Up the Butts

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Description: It’s a big ask by Britain, but some politicians are claiming that tobacco companies should be forced to pay for the cleanup of cigarette butts. Discarded cigarettes have been calculated to form close to 70% of litter counted in surveys. The annual cost of the cleaning them up is estimated at 40 million British… Read more »


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Description: NFTs: have you heard of these nonfungible tokens? Art student Jonathan Wolfe certainly has. He sold one of his digital paintings recently for 24.43 units of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency, bring him over $50,000 Canadian. All told, Wolfe has generated over $1 million for sales of NFTs since last fall, all for artwork he used… Read more »

Canada Goose Flying

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Description: Despite the global corona virus pandemic, Canadian clothier Canada Goose has been flying high. With traditional retail establishments in reduced operations, Canada Goose has taken advantage of digital commerce. With three of its eight Canadian factories unionized, CEO Dani Reiss has also spoken out against the notion that the maker of luxury jackets is… Read more »

Big Boat Stuck

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Description: It’s a big boat stuck in a relatively small space. The Ever Given, a huge vessel with a length stretching over 70% of the height measurement of the CN Tower, has been stuck in the Suez Canal since March 23. This has been causing headaches for many as the Ever Given has shut down… Read more »

Defying the Odds

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Description: Many would probably say that the pandemic has been a terrible time for business. But a number of entrepreneurs have confounded the conventional wisdom by starting businesses in Canada during these tough times. For instance, Mike Livingstone saw losing his job as an executive in the transportation business as a chance for him to… Read more »

Costs More to Fill the Tank

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Description: Have you noticed it’s costing you more to fill the tank these days? At the start of the pandemic, gas prices fell precipitously, and Canadians were smiling at least one aspect of the shutdown. But now gas prices have come roaring back. This article from the Toronto Star offers a few reasons why you… Read more »

Rogers/Shaw Deal

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Description: It’s a huge deal. Rogers Communications is proposing to buy rival Shaw Communications in a deal worth $26 billion. The marriage of these two large broadcast and cellular empires will drastically change the landscape in an area where consumers often talk about high rates and a lack of competition. Perhaps it is not surprising… Read more »

Skip the Tickets

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Description: Skip the tickets; at least that seems to be the practice of many Canadians and our companies when it comes to paying their fines. So says an investigation by CBC News, one that shows the provinces and the territories are owed $1.3 billion in fines and penalties. The amounts owing include $5 million in… Read more »