Shape Up Your Finances in 2023

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Description: With a new year underway, here is an opportunity to take steps to improve your personal finances. Sandra Fry of the Credit Counseling Society offers six tips to help guide your financial behaviours, starting with the need to understand where you are spending your money right now. In other words, where does your money… Read more »

The Trains Too!

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Description: After all the horror stories about airline travel delays and cancellations over the holidays, maybe it’s a bit too much to stop and realize the trains had similar issues. Via Canada’s CEO, Martin R. Landry, released a statement of apology this week for leaving passengers in Quebec and Ontario in the lurch in the… Read more »

Keeping Those Resolutions

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Description: Well, how are you doing with those New Year’s resolutions you made a few days ago at the start of 2023? In the featured New Yorker article, originally published in 2013, we read of the somewhat depressing work of John Norcross, a psychologist who found that within six months only 40% had stuck with… Read more »

Doing Well in Ottawa

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Description: McKinsey and Company, one of the world’s best known consulting firms, has been doing well in terms of its billings to the federal government in Ottawa. During Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s time as prime minister, McKinsey earned roughly $66 million in revenue from the Canadian taxpayer, with close to half of that amount in… Read more »

CES is Back

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Description: After a couple of “off years” during the pandemic, the giant Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was back in full force in Las Vegas during the first week of January. CES offered lots of previews of what’s coming in electronic gadgets, including an improved touchless kitchen faucet from Moen, a dual-screen laptop by Lenovo, and… Read more »

One in Ten?

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Description: Ten to twelve percent of Canadians are not filing their annual T-1 tax returns. And perhaps even more surprising comes the news that the government actually owes money to many of them. Prosper Canada is seeking to build financial literacy among lower-income Canadians, encouraging them to file their returns to claim cash for various… Read more »

Looking Forward

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Description: According to a recent Leger survey, younger Canadians are more pessimistic about the Canadian economy than they were last year at this time. This seems to be reflected in a willingness to hang tight in their current employment versus pursuing a new job. In looking at their personal finances, 22 percent of the respondents… Read more »

Watch Out for Gift Card Scam

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Description: Well, you have to give marks for ingenuity, even though the results are unpleasant. Thieves have figured out a new scam in which they adhere a barcode for a card they already own to the back of a card sitting among the gift cards at a retailer. So you may think you are picking… Read more »