Maybe They Didn’t Get the Memo

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Description: In December the federal government brought in new regulations requiring the airlines to pay up to $1,000 in compensation to travelers hit by they canceled flights, other than for safety reasons of course. But customers are complaining that they haven’t been getting the refunds when they request them, and, further, they also haven’t been… Read more »

What’s Killing the Mall?

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Description: You don’t have to look too far in most cities and towns to see a boarded up shopping mall or other retail establishment. But while the traditional theory puts the blame on online shopping, a closer look at the data reveals three other forces have a bigger share of the blame. Big box retailers,… Read more »

Coronavirus and Tourism

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Description: The Coronavirus story is lingering on. One industry that seems to be suffering is tourism, with travel agents and tourism operators bracing for a decline in activity lingering into 2021. An executive at the Hilton hotel chain estimates the company will be affected somewhere between $25 and $50 million. Date: ¬†February 16, 2020 Source:¬†… Read more »

Cost Climbing

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Description: In 2018 the Canadian government purchased the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline for $4.5 billion of our tax dollars. Around that time, the total estimated cost to complete the pipeline was $7.4 billion. Now though, it appears that the total costs for Canadians will be somewhere in the range of $17 billion. The federal… Read more »

Google Expanding in Canada

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Description: Tech giant Google is expanding its operations in Canada, building 3 new facilities to accommodate 5,000 employees by 2022. Toronto, Montreal, and Kitchener-Waterloo will be the big beneficiaries of this move. Things have come a long way since the time when the company hired its first Canadian employee in 2001, opening an office of… Read more »

Canada Goose and the Virus

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Description: Canada Goose, the high-end garment manufacturer, is predicting a decline in sales this year. The reason for this might surprise you a bit: it’s the impact of the coronavirus on sales in China. The outbreak of the illness has slowed both retail sales and web transactions. Date:  February 7, 2020 Source: Link:… Read more »

The Middle Class

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Description: Did you hear the the Canadian government has given $50 million to MasterCard, a company that made $16 billion last year? The government response seems to be that this $50 million will create jobs and help the middle class. Of course, this new government has appointed a cabinet post for a minister of the… Read more »

A Return to Basics

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Description: Have you ever spent too much time in a Tim Hortons drive thru, wondering why things take so long? It appears you may not be alone. Tim Hortons is looking at going back to basics of coffee and doughnuts, after many attempts at expanding its menu offerings. The plans also include improving the drive… Read more »

The Cost of Promises

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Description: During the recent federal election campaign, the Liberal party promised to increase the basic personal deduction on our income taxes, saying it would lift thousands of Canadians out of poverty. But, of course, somebody has to pay. And now the Parliamentary Budget Office is saying these deductions will cost the federal government $21 billion… Read more »

The Minimalist Approach

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Description: Have you ever heard of the minimalist approach? More than that, have you heard about how it might maximize your financial future? If your basement and closets are full of stuff you don’t use, you’re probably not a minimalist. Organize your finances by setting up a budget and making your shopping trips more intentional…. Read more »