Is the Dome Coming Down?

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Description: Rogers Communications has contradicted some initial reporting that the Rogers Centre – the building originally called the Skydome – is not going to be torn down; well, at least not for now. Earlier on Friday the Globe and Mail reported the building would be razed. The notion was that Rogers and Brookfield Capital Management… Read more »

CRA CERB Warning

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Description: The Canada Revenue Agency – the CRA – is sending warning letters to 213,000 Canadians telling them that they may have been paid overpaid by the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) program. Those who have been paid too much will not have to pay the surplus back immediately, thanks to a government moratorium on… Read more »


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Description: It’s an appealing prospect for a new graduate: having a mentor to help guide you in important decisions for your career. IBM’s talent acquisition manager Bridget King spoke recently about her tips for making these relationships successful ones. She offers four points on how to proceed with your mentor, including being curious. Date:  November… Read more »

Canadians Build Desks

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Description: One thing the Corona virus seems to have done in Canada is that it created a building boom with Canadians assembling IKEA desks to beat the band. During the pandemic, Canadians purchased 631,800 desks, presumably to help them work at home during this time. This outfitting of home offices has been a welcome boost… Read more »

Big $ for St. John’s Firm

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Description: Nasdaq is looking to buy the St. John’s based online security firm Verafin for $2.75 billion. Verafin’s security reach extends to tracking down elusive financial crime, such as money laundering. The plan is to keep the firm in Newfoundland and Labrador, with Nasdaq’s global client base offering an excellent opportunity to grow the business…. Read more »

Missing: $247 Million

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Description: Canada’s new Auditor General, Karen Hogan, appeared before Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee on Tuesday to discuss her Office’s 2019 report on e-commerce. In a nutshell, transactions with foreign vendors are not being taxed correctly. Not only has this placed Canadian vendors at a disadvantage, it has cost our public purse $247 million. Date:  November… Read more »

Financial Literacy Month

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Description: Did you know that November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada? This year marks the tenth anniversary. The Financial and Consumer Agency of Canada is co-sponsoring a November 19 event with the Canadian Bankers’ Association called It’s your money – Make it count!. The event is targeted towards students, so check it out at… Read more »

Employees as Owners

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Description: The Corona virus is just one of the things shaping the economy. Another factor is the sale of businesses by older entrepreneurs as they transition towards retirement. Jon Shell, a co-founder of, argues that Canada should join Britain and the United States to create employee ownership trusts, a strategy to transfer businesses to… Read more »

Rental Market Switch

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Description: The Toronto rental market is featuring an interesting switch in demand patterns. Younger renters were often prepared to put up with cramped apartments and high rents to live close to the action in the downtown. But with Covid-19 shutting down so much of the city’s social life in restaurants and bars, renters are heading… Read more »