A Budget in 17 Minutes

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Description: One unusual outcome of the current corona virus situation may have been the unusual co-operation at the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick on Friday. While budget debates are often long and perhaps divisive, this year in NB the budget and an additional bill passed in 17 minutes, with no one voting against the budget…. Read more »

Mortgage Rates Drop

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Description: Mortgage rates in Canada took a drop this week following the Bank of Canada’s 50 basis points cut to its rate. The site ratespy.com – https://www.ratespy.com/ – estimated that for each 1/2% cut in interest rates, Canadians would save $500 per year on each $100,000 borrowed. This is Canada’s lowest interest rate since the… Read more »

Data Rates

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Description: The federal government has told Canada’s big 3 telecoms – Bell, Rogers, and Telus – to cut their cellphone rates by 25%, or else. Innovation, Science and Industry Minister Navdeep Bains told the companies that if they don’t take action within two years, then the politicians will step in to force them to. On the… Read more »

Let CRA Do Your Taxes?

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Description: The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) had said they would make income tax preparation easier for Canadians. Globe and Mail columnist Rita Trichur has noted an inconsistency in the plan though: CRA has doubled the size of the form from four to eight pages. As she says, “Folks, it’s hard to know whether to laugh… Read more »

What’s a Leap Day Worth?

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Description: The Financial Post took an interesting approach to February 29 this year, slowing things down a bit to reflect on what happens during one day in the Canadian economy. Among the fascinating facts listed is that 4,240,584 barrels of oil are taken from the earth while at the same time 63.7 carats of diamonds… Read more »

HBC Going Private

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Description: HBC is no longer going to be a publicly-traded company. Chairman Richard Baker won a shareholders’ vote in his third bid to take the company private. In June 2019 Baker offered $9.45 a share, but this drew negative shareholder reaction. By this January the offer was sweetened to $11 per share, and 98% of… Read more »

Market Tumbling

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Description: Over the last few weeks, these Weekly Updates have featured a couple of stories on the impact of the Corona Virus on business: one dealt with how Canada Goose believes that the virus will impact its sales in China, and another talked about the impact of the illness on the travel industry. Now, stock… Read more »

Bezos to the Rescue

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Description: This week Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, said he would commit $10 billion of his wealth to a new foundation set up to fight climate change. Amazon has faced criticism for contributing to the climate problem through its many home deliveries and its vast server farms. The new foundation will start issuing grants… Read more »

Trains not Moving

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Description: As rail blockades continue in Canada, inventory is beginning to build up at major Canadian ports of Halifax, Montreal, and Vancouver. Atlantic Container Line (ACL) says 90% of its business usually moves out of ports by rail, but the current blockades are hitting the normal routes hard. ACL has started to move shipments to… Read more »

RUTR is Changing

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Description: Many Canadians love to play that annual Tim Horton’s contest, Roll up the Rim, with its wide assortment of prizes. But this year you’ll only be able to roll up a real cup rim for the first two weeks of the contest. For the remainder of the time, you’ll be expected to bring a… Read more »