Have You Started Christmas Shopping Yet?

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Description: Canadians are launching their Christmas shopping early this year, partially driven by an effort to beat higher prices due to inflation. An American survey indicates that 37% of that population plans to start earlier this year. Robert Domagala, a retail industry analyst, noted to Global News that “prudent shoppers are probably going to try… Read more »

User Security Concerns at Facebook

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Description: On Friday Facebook’s parent company Meta announced that approximately 1 million of its users may have had their usernames and passwords stolen by hackers. Apps downloaded from Apple and Google appear to be the source of the problem, by permitting access to user information while disguising themselves as popular apps like fitness trackers and… Read more »

Get Ready for Fees

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Description: Starting October 6, Canadian merchants are permitted to pass along credit card fees to consumers. In fact, Telus has already announced that it will do so. But retail watcher Bruce Winder said he does not see most restaurants and or retailers passing these fees along, fearing a possible customer backlash in an inflationary environment…. Read more »

Quiet Firing

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Description: On September 6, this blog featured a post on the trend of quiet quitting. Now comes the flip side: quiet firing. Nita Chhinzer a professor at the University of Guelph, speaks of employers who make “the workplace such a difficult environment that the employee feels that they have no choice but to leave,” saving… Read more »

Lululemon vs Peleton

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Description: Lululemon and Peleton have settled their dispute. Lululemon had been seeking compensation for Peleton’s alleged swiping of some of Lululemon’s clothing designs. The two companies had a co-branding relationship from 2016 to 2021. After the agreement ended, the “copycat” trouble started. Date: September 30, 2022 Source:¬† thestar.com ¬†Link: https://www.thestar.com/business/2022/09/30/lululemon-settles-lawsuit-against-peloton-over-alleged-patent-infringement.html Discussion points: 1) Are you… Read more »

Food Insecurity on Campus

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Description: The inflationary trends on food prices have hit students at Canadian universities, where some have had to turn to campus food banks for relief. Erin O’Neill of the University of Alberta’s campus food bank reports that hundreds of students have registered with the program. Mount Royal University faculty produced survey results reporting food insecurity… Read more »

Less Than Nothing?

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Description: Less than nothing? That was how the CBC described the situation where the government of New Brunswick seems to be paying forestry companies to harvest pulpwood on Crown lands in the province. The new government rate charges harvesters $3.40 per cubic metre of certain softwoods. But the government then pays the forestry companies $3.90… Read more »

Healthy Food and Nutrition Audit?

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Description: Since the federal auditor general first earned the so-called value-for-money audit mandate back in the 1970s, auditors general in Canada have greatly expanded the scope of their work, moving far afield from the traditional accountancy matters of public finance and internal control. This expansion has sometimes earned the criticism of observers, such as noted… Read more »