Canadian banks and US tax cuts

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Description:  Canadian banks already have had some pretty profitable years. But in the most recent year, the tax cuts in the United States have saved Canadian banks millions of dollars. The Bank of Montreal estimates the tax cut generated about $100 million in benefits in 2018. TD sees its own figures at roughly $60 million… Read more »

Big growth; no profits; go public

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Description:   In a race to see which ride service will go public first, it looks like Lyft is going to race rival Uber. In its move towards an initial public offering (IPO) on the stock market, Lyft has released financial information for the first time. And the results are interesting. While the company is rapidly… Read more »

Seinfeld and sales tax fraud

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Description:   A group of companies with no employees operating out of a house in rural Nova Scotia reported sales of $56 million. That might have been the first clue that something was wrong. But by claiming that one of its suppliers was “Vandalee Industries” the scheme may have come totally unravelled. A Canada Revenue Agency… Read more »

Maybe next time take the help

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Description:   Well, no one lost their job, but some might wonder why following news this week that officials at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal mishandled a “watering hole” attack on their systems in November, 2016. CBC recently obtained documents showing the depth of the breach and the ICAO’s delayed and misplayed reaction…. Read more »

Don’t pass the Heinz

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Description:   After a pretty good start following a 2015 merger of food giants Kraft and Heinz, it looks as if now the bloom may be off the rose. Company shares recently dropped twenty percent with concern in the market about slow growth and changes in consumer tastes. Some have wondered if the cost-cutting regime imposed by… Read more »

I guess people were paying less . . .

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Description:   With too much debt and too much inventory, Payless Shoes will be seeking bankruptcy protection. All of its almost 250 stores in Canada will be shutting down. The company missed its February rent payments on most of those stores, signalling bad news for employees and landlords. One has to wonder if online sales may… Read more »

Remembering Enron

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Description:   Well it was one of the most spectacular corporate failures of this century, the sudden decline of Enron. The crash of this company put thousands out of work, ruined their pensions and left stockholders holding worthless shares in a former stock market darling. As well, Enron took down one of the world’s largest accounting… Read more »

Fines for Facebook?

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Description:   Now it looks like all of Facebook’s privacy issues may be going to cost the company big fines. Regulators at the Federal Trade Commission – otherwise known as the FTC – are in discussions with Facebook over what may turn out to be the largest fine the agency has ever imposed. Last March the… Read more »

So much for cheap cellular

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Description:   A few months ago, Canadian regulators issued a decision Canadian consumers were tantalized by: cheaper cellphone rates. But the industry watchers appear to be underwhelmed by the results. One of the experts called the new plans being offered “pretty much a joke.” Canadians remain behind other nations in terms of the amount of data… Read more »

Amazon and New York

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Description:   Amazon has pulled the plug on setting up a second HQ in Long Island, New York. Opposition had been rising to the approximately $3 billion in tax breaks Amazon was due to receive from putting offices in the Empire State. The argument seems to break down on two sides: one claiming Amazon is bringing… Read more »